Many people are concerns about this topic! And my answer is always “NO, it’s never too late for you to kick off the digital marketing campaign”. As long as you have started doing it instead of empty talk, forget about the proper digital marketing strategies; eventually, you will learn & master digital skill yourself from the time being. You are still able to catch up!

Please evaluate yourself first:
1) When is the last time you have a conversation with your client?
2) Do you have any dedicated staff to plan & monitor your current website/social media Site?
3) How is your inventory system doing, is it optimized?
4) Have you built your customer database yet?
5) Do you evaluate what your direct competitors are doing right now?
From the above 5 question start to examine what is the add-value point that your company can offer than other!

Things to get noted:
Your competitors always seem to sell more than you do even though your offer is better than theirs. While you can’t help & wondering, why is this happening and how can you fix it?

After this session, you only realize they have run several online campaigns which you don’t even realize before. Now you decide to look for some answers and start seeking digital marketing companies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You are not alone, most of the business owners are facing this awful moment. At ADA Marketing, our digital team understands your problem very well and we got the right digital marketing recipe to help you achieve your goals.

I am very sorry to say that If you are still one of the very few with no online presence or a very limited one, you have to catch up now and be fast. Sometimes it’s not about the pricing, neither the quality of your product or even store location; the today customer is sophisticated than they were in ten years ago, and what you could achieve with just some radio ads or newspaper classified ads won’t work anymore. This is why we need an integrated marketing specialist to plan a 360 Marketing Strategies for you to integrate all these medium. Many buyers are technology savvy they tend to look for almost anything online, I mean everything not to mention – relationships.

Even if the buyer needs to go to a physical location to make the purchase, they will have made up their minds about what product they are getting days or hours before they reach the store. At this point, there’s not much you can do to change their decision. Like it or not, this is the way that it is now and if you want to keep your business up and running, you need to start communicating effectively with your client.

#1 Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia!

If you are new to this digital marketing thing, I strongly recommend you look for a proper Online Marketing Agency to manage your company digital marketing and the ability to deliver the results that you are expecting. Forget about engaging a freelance digital marketer, digital marketing is about the online presence optimization. If you have no idea how to get it start? Feel free to give us a call today, At ADA Marketing, we know if we can bring more sales to your business, you will stay and subscribe to our marketing retainer plan.

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