Internet Advertising

Internet Advertising


Internet advertising is crucial to a business as it is targeted approach to reach your customer base. With the flexibility of the internet advertising platform, companies can reach potential customers with a precise targeting and user-friendly tracking tools.


Research showed that 89% of Malaysia internet users who use search engines to find products or services online. The major search engine platform & social media site had offered advertising solution that’s cost-effective and measurable. With the search analytic tools, it can capture the search keywords which online audience have entered, it makes the web an effective way to connect with prospects who are really interested in your business.


In short, internet advertising is a perfect tool for a company to capture new customers.

Internet Advertising in Malaysia
Over 83% Malaysian are using search engines platform/social media site by daily basis. Many of them are probably searching products or services online while you are reading this.

How’s Internet Advertising can benefit your business!

  • Being found first in search results
  • Gaining an advantage over your competitors
  • Attaining the highest rate of traffic to your website
  • Taking your position as your industry’s leader
  • Attracting more quality sales leads
  • Increasing business revenue
  • Improving business sustainability

We are experienced in these Internet Advertising Platforms.

Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM) allows your ads to be displayed only to highly targeted users searching on Google for what you sell, connecting you with these qualified sales leads. You could target sales leads worldwide from any of the 240 over countries, giving you much wider coverage than advertising in print publications!


There are 2 types of Google advertising; we can decide to put in on desktop/mobile/apps

-Keyword Search
-Display Banner

Over 9 million Facebook user in the Malaysia. Facebook offers a targeted audience for many different types of businesses. On Facebook. you can target audience by Location, Age Group, Birthday, Education, Workplace Keywords, gender, Interested In and Languages.

Our Facebook Advertising Management Service as below:

-Target Audience Research and Selection
-Facebook Cover Design
-Pay Per Click Bid Management
-Monitoring Keyword and Campaign Performance
-Ongoing Campaign Budget Management
-Performance Reports
-Content Marketing

You may engage social media management team to manage daily posting and general user engagement.

Via Instagram people express themselves with beautiful picture and inspire post. Businesses use Instagram marketing to show their brand’s personality, find customers, and promote products and services to an engaged audience.

If you’ve ever set up a Facebook ad, you’re about 75% of the way there. After Facebook acquired Instagram back in 2012, the platforms conveniently merged, making setting up Instagram and Facebook ads merely the difference of a couple clicks.

The entire ad setup, budgeting, scheduling, and creation is done through Facebook’s platform. We got the just right recipe to help you widen your digital marketing campaign.

ADA Marketing can help you manage profitable advertising campaigns on Bing, Yahoo, MSN or Hotmail. You spend your ads budget on google/facebook but why not cover secondary well-known search engine network. In term of Search Advertising, different audience segment they will have their own preference search behavior. For eg, those who born in 70′ era will be more likely to stick with Yahoo & Hotmail than Google, they had been starting using their services since their early time.

If you are missing this search engine, you might miss to open up a wealth of global opportunities for your website. Broaden your paid advertising campaigns by using the Yahoo! Bing network.

In other markets, such as the USA, Bing has a larger share of the search market at around 15%. The Bing Ads platform also come with a valuable tool that will help you reach a wider audience, generate additional traffic to your website and increase the profit derived from pay per click advertising both locally and internationally.

Our team of PPC specialists can help create and optimise your paid search adverts in the Bing Ad Centre.

Waze Advertising is similar with the google map (get direction), Facebook Business Location (foursquare).  Base on The Star reports,  Malaysians like Waze, and they like it a lot also the highest number of users in South-East Asia when it comes to the community-based traffic and navigation app, and we’re even ranked among the top five countries globally, Kuala Lumpur has 2.5 million active Waze users, which puts us ahead of Jakarta (two million) and Manila (1.5 million). Meanwhile, Malaysian users are concentrated in big cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Johor Baru. Hence, do you see the potential to publish your local store advertisement on the Waze platform? Buzz us, if you want to know more.

Baidu also knew as China’s Google the largest search engine portal in China; we have run several Baidu advertising campaign. Based on our experience, Baidu account registration takes some processing times and there are 2 types of account which you can apply.

1. Please prepare the following documentation to register a normal account application

  • A scanned copy of incorporation certificate (business license) which issued by the corporate registered country
  • Chinese Company ICP License (Internet Content Provider)
  • Initial Ad Credit of 900 USD

For normal account application, the whole process will take about 45 working days.


2. We require the following documentation for Key Account registration

  • “Key Accounts” have additional access benefits.
  • Scanned copy of certificate of incorporation (business license) which issued by the corporate registered country
  • Scanned copy of your latest transaction’s bank statement or cheque (the bank account should be under your company name).  You should censor or blurred the confidential & sensitive information such as account balance and transaction records
  • Extra documentation may be required depending on the different industry.


For a Key Account application, the whole process will take approximately 30 working days.


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We know how the Internet Advertising can benefit your business! As an experienced agency we had helped uncountable Malaysia business succeed, we know how & which internet advertising strategic can work for you.

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Not sure how to put it all together? Our in-house digital marketing team can run your PPC campaign, create top-notch landing pages and more. Juicy Content Creation is what we really good at!

Transparent Ads Budgeting

We will impulse 20%-25% advertising management fee on top of the advertising budget. FYI, Digital Marketing Agency can't get commission from the search engine provider.