Facebook is testing to remove non-sponsored posts out of news feed

Facebook is testing to remove non-sponsored posts out of news feed

To summarize, all page post (video/graphic/gif ) without sponsored will be limited to list from the explore feed.

This is the #hottest topic which circulates along social media marketer today! Facebook is testing a major change that would shift non-promoted posts out of its news feed, a move that could be catastrophic for publishers relying on the social network to read their audience. Once if it’s implemented,  the New system could destroy smaller publishers or that small business who purely rely on Facebook as their business referrals. The main feeds focused entirely on original content from friends, and adverts.

Since Facebook established they had spent the tremendous budget on building the fabulous online community from a pro-user community to a commercial community.  Not to deny, as a typical Malaysian we widely rely on Facebook on daily basis for it convenient, engagement & entertain value.  These free services were sustainable with the advert from the corporation & business owner. Facebook has a business to run. That business is predicated on capturing people’s attention and capitalizing on it. Their shareholder/investor from also looking forward to their future revenue growth.

According to the article from theGuardian.com

Overnight, from Wednesday to Thursday, a broad cross-section of the 60 largest Facebook pages in Slovakia saw two-thirds to three-quarters of their Facebook reach disappear, according to stats from Facebook-owned analytics service CrowdTangle. For larger sites, with a number of different ways to communicate with their readers, that hasn’t had a huge effect on their bottom line, but it’s a different story for those with a reliance on social media.

It’s gonna happening very soon, as a local Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Social Media Marketer we had started experienced the changes of the new feed in the last quarter of 2016, our client page which didn’t run any advert is reporting a 40% fall in term of the organic post impression (it works if the follower did subscribe and follow the pages, if you have spent a small amount ads on the post will get more viral).  Before this, Pages’ with organic posts can capture people’s attention.  And yes, Facebook has been able to capitalize on that attention by running ads above or below those unpaid posts or getting Pages to pay to promote the posts to more people. But FB Business Pages’ organic posts do not directly make Facebook money. The change does affect so-called “native” content, such as Facebook videos if those are posted by a page and not shared through paid promotion.

This is why we always mentioned to our new client; having your own website is so important don’t over-dependence on certain social site. Although it is <free> at some point, these social media platform is running a business; there also need to ensure they can get constantly generate revenue for their investor.

Meanwhile, think on another side a well-plan advert campaign can stimulate your business too, with the advanced facebook advert system you can reach to your audience more precisely with an effective advert budget.  There is nothing to lose, as long as your business convention is positive & bringing you profit. If you need someone to manage your internet advertising, feel free to write to us. ADA Marketing is ready to serve you!

**Treat your website as your house,  you will have the full authority for your website no one can take it away.




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